How to Make Friends in College: Unique and Creative Ways to Build Lasting Connections

Written by Charaf Mrah

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Updated May 6, 2023

We all know that making friends in college is essential for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. However, sometimes the standard methods of meeting new people can feel a bit stale or generic. In this blog post, we’ll explore some unique and creative ways to make friends in college and form lasting connections that will enrich your college journey.

1. Take Unconventional Classes

Opt for classes outside your comfort zone or major, like dance, pottery, or a unique foreign language. These courses tend to be smaller and more interactive, allowing you to bond with your classmates over shared learning experiences. According to a study by the Journal of Higher Education Research & Development, participating in extracurricular activities, including unconventional courses, can have a positive impact on friendship formation.

2. Attend Themed Social Events

Many colleges host themed events, such as trivia nights, open mic nights, or even board game evenings. These events often attract people with shared interests, making it easier to strike up conversations and form connections. Check your college’s event calendar or social media pages for upcoming themed events.

3. Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering is a fantastic way to make friends while giving back to your community. Search for local volunteer opportunities through websites like VolunteerMatch or inquire at your college’s community service office. Working together for a cause creates a sense of camaraderie that can lead to lasting friendships.

4. Start a Study Group for an Unpopular Subject

While popular subjects often have plenty of study groups, less common or more challenging subjects may have fewer resources. Start your own study group and invite classmates to join. This will help you make friends who share your academic interests while providing valuable support for your studies.

5. Participate in Intramural Sports or Fitness Classes

Joining an intramural sports team or attending fitness classes at your college gym is an excellent way to stay active and meet new people. These activities often encourage teamwork and communication, which can lead to strong friendships. Plus, exercising together can release endorphins that create a natural bonding experience.

6. Become a Campus Tour Guide

As a campus tour guide, you’ll have the opportunity to meet prospective students and their families, as well as connect with other guides. This role allows you to share your enthusiasm for your college while making friends with people who share your passion.

7. Attend Cultural and Diversity Events

Many colleges host cultural and diversity events to celebrate and educate students about different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Attending these events not only expands your knowledge but also allows you to connect with people who share your curiosity and openness to learning about others.

8. Start a Unique Club or Interest Group

If you have a niche interest that isn’t represented by an existing club or organization, consider starting your own! By creating a club, you’ll attract others who share your passion and forge connections over shared interests. Check out this guide from College Magazine on how to start a club on campus.

The Takeaway

Making friends in college doesn’t have to be limited to traditional methods. By exploring unique and creative ways to connect with others, you’ll not only expand your social circle but also enrich your college experience with diverse and meaningful relationships. So, go ahead and

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