My Minimalist Apartment

Written by Charaf Mrah

Salut! I'm a college student majoring in Software Engineering. I created this website to share whatever I'm learning with you.

February 11, 2021

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In this video, I would like to share with you my new “minimalist apartment”. Before you watch the video, I would like to warn you that my philosophy with minimalism might be different from what others have in mind. Minimalism for me is having the items that I actually use, and not just having them for the sake of it. That’s why I do have more things around than other “Minimalist apartment” videos. I do enjoy having random stuff, and I do buy things that *actually* like. The most important thing for me before buying something is to think about whether I’m buying the item because I actually like it, or if it’s just to impress other people. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy the video.

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