Hey, There!
I’m Charaf.

I’m a software engineering student. I have been making websites since 2015. I also started creating YouTube content back in 2016. I always loved creating new projects around new skills that I learned outside of school. I lived in Algeria for 12 years, Qatar for 7 and then moved to Turkey. I’ve been to different countries like the USA and Tunisia so I got to experience the different mentalities at four different continents.

I still try to learn new skills like new languages, new coding skills, how to invest, or even how to cook pizza. I now feel fully equipped to share some of what I’ve learned on this website as well as continue to learn new things.

My Mission

“I always enjoyed learning new skills & working on different projects outside of school. My mission with this website is to provide the most value in topics that I think are necessary for all students like personal development, life skills, and maximizing productivity.”


Work With Me

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