How to plan your week as a college student

Written by Charaf Mrah

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October 25, 2020

In today’s post, I would like to share with you tips on how to schedule your week as a college student in a few steps.

My aim is to make the process easier on you and not to give you an exact template.

Also, I should mention that I don’t follow the schedule 100%, it just helps me to know what I’m supposed to do even if I didn’t do them in time.

I personally use Google Calendar as it can be accessed from any device which makes it a perfect fit for my needs.

You can see my schedule in the following picture:

1 – Plan your classes

The first thing you should planning is your classes as they’re fixed and won’t be changing as much as the other tasks.

I would say book only the time of the class (no extra time) so that you can know exactly how much time that class is gonna take.

Give these events a different color as they’re very important (I think so at least).

2 – Plan your Sleeping & Eating time

Planning your meals time is very tricky and I rarely stick to it but it’s always good to book some blocks of your time just for your meals.

This will help you when you’re super busy and you don’t know when you can eat, the calendar will come in handy at that time.

For sleep, I like to book 8 hours every day even though I usually sleep for 7 hours.

I book one extra hour so that I don’t end up sleeping less than 7 hours by staying on the phone or working on something.

3 – Plan your exercising time:

Hear me out, even if you don’t exercise currently it will be a good idea to book an hour or 30 minutes for stretching or taking a walk outside.

I prefer to have a routine for my workout time and so I book one hour every day just for that.

I try to workout 5 days a week as I found that this works better for me than 7 days a week.

You can experiment with this and choose what works best for you.

4 – Plan your self-studying time:

Now that you booked the most important events, it’s time to book your self-studying time.

I book an hour and a half before every lecture for a self-studying time at the moment but I think I’m going to change it after the lectures.

This will depend on how much time you need for every class and you’re probably in a better position to judge on that than me.

5 – Plan your side projects/hobbies:

I like to keep the side projects and hobbies as the last thing to book because now I will be booking the time without feeling any regrets.

If you don’t have hobbies or side projects then maybe book a time to try different things each time, which will lead to you finding something that you’re passionate about.

hobbies might include reading, cooking, playing/watching sports, gaming…etc.

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