How to survive online classes during a pandemic

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Written by Charaf Mrah

Hi there! I'm a Software Engineering major currently studying in college. The purpose of this website is to share my learnings and insights with you, in the hopes of providing value and assistance to those who may need it.

Updated Jan 30, 2021

Due to the pandemic, we all got forced to attend our classes online. While studying online can feel intimidating (especially with bad internet) you can still get better at it.

In today’s post I would like to share with you some of what I found helpful to survive online classes.

Have a dedicated space for studying:

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As I mentioned in a previous post “3 ways to maximize your productivity during the quarantine“, having a dedicated setting for your studying will greatly affect how your mind works. It will trigger your brain into turning to your “study mode” effectively. Also, you won’t have to waste time looking for a place to study when it’s time.

Try and have your place as calm as possible. If you can’t, then probably listening to “brain food” music on headphones will help you to isolate yourself from your surroundings if it’s noisy. Another important thing is to have a good chair for good posture. This will prevent your back from unnecessary injuries and will make you able to go for longer periods of time.

Get breaks:

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You can easily forget yourself and keep going for hours without having a break (I did that while writing this so I’m about to take a break right now). (back), Have a break and move around a little bit. You can do stretching (I highly recommend it) or just have a walk around the house.

While you might feel energized to continue studying for hours on end, it’s important to have a break to let your brain relax for a moment. This will encourage you to keep studying the following days instead of burning all your energy and motivation in one day.

Have a study plan:

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Planning for studying can be one of the things that you use to waste more time instead of studying. I admit that I do this too, I spend a lot of time just planning what to study just to waste time. However, planning can be mastered and after time you’ll get more effective at planning and it won’t take as long.

Having a studying plan of the entire semester and then breaking it down to the next month and next week will provide you with mental clarity. You’ll be able to know your progress and your goal. Planning will also help you get ready for the exam way ahead of time. The most important thing is to stay calculated and to keep your mental health in a good shape.

Get help online when you’re stuck:

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Sometimes the courses coming from your teachers aren’t that easy to understand. I would recommend that you contact your professors first, but if that doesn’t work out you can look for help online. I do this all the time and it works great. Sometimes the teacher explains the course in a good way but you will still find an even better explanation online on some random website or on YouTube. But be careful about where you’re getting your information from and from who.

I always find amazing math, chemistry, and physics courses explained beautifully on YouTube. These videos help me to understand the subject firmly so that I can focus on the details provided by my own professors. Especially if you’re taking STEM classes, the concepts are the same and they might just differ in the details or what is and isn’t given to you from your professors.

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